Monthly Archives: January 2016

26 Jan

Questions nonprofits should ask before starting an email list

By Clint Demeritt

A strong email list can be the lifeblood of your nonprofit organization. A robust list can help you rally volunteers for an important event, summon donors during times of critical fundraising and keep you connected to your strongest supporters. With email marketing being such a powerful tool, many organizations start collecting email contacts before they

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25 Jan

Analyzing the gift-giving impulse: Nonprofits and analytics

By Michael Foster

Traditional economics teaches us that people act in their own rational self-interest to improve their “utility.” In any textbook, that’s a fuzzy term, but it often refers to one’s economic position. In many cases, people will act in a way that puts more dollars in their pocket, if given the choice.  But in some cases,

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22 Jan

Harness the Holiday Spirit for Your Nonprofit Campaign

By Barry Eitel

Any experienced nonprofit knows the holiday season is one of the most important times to pull in donations. While consumers are out spending billions on gifts each year, they are also seemingly more willing to open their wallets for charities of all stripes. The reasons for the season are varied. In general, there is a

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